Rate Lock Commitment

The requested rate lock is secured for 30 days. If you need a lock period greater than 30 days please call 800.621.6588 to speak to a loan advisor.

National Mortgage Alliance will work diligently to process, underwrite & close your loan within the rate lock period. During this time period, NMA will work with third parties (appraisers, settlement agents/attorneys, employers, underwriters, etc.) in obtaining your loan approval. Please be aware that any delays caused by these third parties that are not resolved within the rate lock period may result in a charge for a rate lock extension.

The application deposit is not entirely refundable except in the event that an error is made by NMA which results in a failure to obtain a loan commitment. If discrepancies between the information provided by the borrower(s) at application and the verified information provided by credit bureaus, lenders, employers, appraisers, title companies and any other third parties result in the loan not being approved or if you decide to withdraw your application for any reason, the borrower may not be entitled to a full refund of the $400 application deposit. We will refund the difference of the deposit & the third party fees already incurred.